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Top Tips to keep your child safe on the Internet

In school we are increasingly worried about the number of children who are using social media websites or accessing online games which are beyond their age recommendation.  We will add a top tip here each week to help you protect your child when they are online to help to ensure their safety. If you have any advice for other parents of things that work for you at home, please let us know so that we can share it on this page. Thank you.


Share-aware advice booklet for parents from the NSPCC.

Top Tip 1

Use airplane mode on your devices when your child is using them so they can't make any unapproved purchases or interact with anyone online without your knowledge. 

Top Tip 2

The UK Safer Internet Centre has a helpful guide on some of the most popular browsers and how to set up safe browsing and increase privacy settings. Encourage your child to use appropriate search engines and activate and lock the safe search settings on the browsers they use.

Top Tip 3

All UK games carry a PEGI age rating. These are there for a reason and are to ensure that children are not exposed to materials deemed inappropriate for their age. Remember: some games are presented using a cartoon style but their content may be inappropriate, this may include language and violence. Always check the age rating.


Top Tip 4

If you or your child use twitter have a look at this guide about keeping yourself safe on there!

Please check out this guide on screen addiction!

Top Tip 5

Take a look at this parent advice guide for the Tik tok site before allowing your child to use it to make sure that you understand how to keep your child safe on it. 

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school every day ready for PE lessons. Thank you