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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

PE and Sports Grant

Sutton St James School has been issued with a substantial amount of money by the Government as part of the Sport Premium Initiative. This sum of money is ring-fenced and is to be spent by the school on ‘improving the quality of sport and PE’. Ofsted will be focusing on how effectively this premium is used towards the given objective and as a school we will be held to account as to how we have spent this money. Schools can choose how they use the funding, for example to:

  • Hire specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with teachers during PE lessons.
  • Support and involve the least active children by running after school sports clubs and holiday clubs.
  • Provide resources and training courses in PE and sport for teachers.
  • Run sport competitions or increase pupil participation in school games and with other schools.

At Sutton St James the Headteacher, staff and Governors have given careful consideration as to how this money should be spent and our rational for spending the money is:

  • To improve the quality of the sport and PE that we are already offering to the children ensuring all children benefit
  • Offer training opportunities to staff to improve teaching and learning and for CPD
  • Ensure the school is able to participate in local tournaments and festivals
  • Encourage more participation in a wider range of after school and lunchtime activities for all children including Pupil Premium children
  • Develop inter-school competitions
  • Ensure that staff have a better understanding of achievement in PE
  • Purchase additional resources to support all of the above

Sporting provision in the school

Within school our timetables offer all key stage 1 &2 children with at least 2 hours of PE each week, 1 indoor, 1 outdoor session.

All pupils have 2 hours of PE lessons in school, these cover the whole range of the subject – movement, fitness, gym, games, athletics and swimming.  After school clubs take place throughout the year, some with outside coaches. School takes part in local competitions and festivals. Coaches are used in school to deliver some PE sessions to all age groups.


The Sports Funding of £28,830 allocated (including 2018-19 carry-forward) to Sutton St James CP school has been allocated in the following way.



Impact – evaluated July 2020


Employment of a sports coach to deliver PE lessons for children with teachers working with coach to up-level their own knowledge and understanding of PE teaching/delivery.



Contribution towards trim trail improvements / extension.



Employment of coaches to deliver after school and lunchtime clubs throughout the year



Extend/ develop children’s experiences of different sports/activities. (Wise-up, Sport2Day, swimming)



Increase variety and quality of sports equipment available for children.



Development of staff expertise, purchase of equipment and activities for playtimes to increase children’s active time.



Develop provision of multicultural dance opportunities ( West End in Schools)



Contribution towards gifted children’s sporting activities.



Provision of after school sports clubs for all age groups which will be free to attend.




The Sports Funding of £21,869 allocated (including 2017-18 carry-forward) to Sutton St James CP school has been allocated in the following way.

Planned Expenditure

Actual Expenditure


Impact – evaluated July 2019



Participation in the Agilitas sports membership bronze level

Staff knowledge of how to teach PE lessons was increased, including thinking about the health and safety of the children. Due to member of staff leaving, only one member of staff was trained not two. New staff will be trained next year if necessary.  



Employment of a sports coach to deliver PE lessons for children with teachers working with coach to up-level their own knowledge and understanding of PE teaching/delivery.

One PE lesson each week delivered by a hired Sports coach with the class teacher present to help upskill them in teaching of PE.



Entry fees and transport costs to local interschool sports competitions and festivals


Children were able to participate in competitions and tournaments against other local schools which they otherwise would not have been a part of. New company found to deliver this whose fee also includes transport costs and entry to competitions part way through the year, hence only part of allocated money used.



Employment of coaches to deliver after school clubs throughout the year

A sports coach was employed through Desire Sports to deliver both after school (KS1 and KS2) and lunch time sports clubs. Half way through the year this was decreased to one club at lunch instead of two due to other commitments of the sports coach. Clubs included multisports, tennis, hockey, football, rounders and tag rugby. Lunchtime clubs were oversubscribed each term. After school clubs were also fully subscribed each term.



Extend/ develop children’s experiences of different sports/activities.

A new company called Sport2Day was found to provide a range of sport enrichment activity days in school. These sports have included Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and ultimate Frisbee as well as more well know sports such as athletics, dodgeball and golf. All children throughout the whole school took part in the enrichment days and some then went on to take part in inter-school tournaments and festivals.



Increase variety and quality of sports equipment available for children.

New lunchtime equipment was bought for the playground, including new basketballs, football goals, cricket games etc which has increased the number of chidlren who are being active at lunchtime and also widened the sporting options that are available for them to choose.  



Development of MSA understanding of play and development of play leaders for lunchtime breaks

Playground leaders have been established and trained along with the MSA who is in charge of them. This means that more children are actively involved in games during lunch time. Changes in lunchtime staff have made this training difficult and will need to be repeated next year.  



Contribution towards the development and extension of the trim trail.

Some minor improvements were made to the trim trail, making it safe, enjoyable and in full working order for the children to use. Remaining budget will be carried forward to enable purchase of additional equipment next year.



Sporting team building workshop provided for all pupils to increase/develop team work skills for team games in sports

Team building workshops were provided for all children. The children gained a lot from these, learning to work together in teams more effectively, having to communicate clearly and concisely. The majority of children were working more effectively as a team by the end of the workshop.

Budget not spent this year will be used in next years planned spend.



We will evaluate the impact of the PE and Sports Premium funding as part of our normal Self Evaluation and provision mapping arrangements. The linked Governor will be involved in regular monitoring and assessment with the Headteacher. We will look at how well we use our Sports Premium to improve the quality and depth of PE provision including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance they are capable of.

Measuring the impact of the activities provided by the sports funding provided can be achieved in different ways.  We will look at assessments in PE as well as other areas of development including self-confidence, self-esteem and the number of pupils involved in sporting activities in and out of school. We will also evaluate the impact of CPD opportunities in improving teaching and learning in PE.

Swimming and Water Safety


Swimming and Water Safety



Year 6 pupils who could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25m in 2018-19

94% (16/17)

Year 6 pupils who could use a range of strokes effectively (front crawl, back stroke, and breast stroke) at the end of 2018-19

88% (15/17)

Year 6 pupils who could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations at the end of 2018-19

94% (16/17)

Stay safe and take care! Do not hesitate to contact us if we can support you in any way.