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Special Educational Needs and Disability - SEND

Welcome to the Special Educational Needs (SEN) page. 


At Sutton St James Community Primary School, we are determined to meet the educational needs of all our pupils. Pupils with special educational needs are encouraged to become increasingly independent and take responsibility within the school. In this section you will find out how we identify children with SEND and the provision that we put in place to help meet their needs. We believe that every child has a right to achieve their full potential. We are to raise the aspirations of, and expectations for, all pupils with SEND. We have a caring, sensitive and approachable team of staff who are committed to working together. 


From September 2014, every Local Authority must publish a local offer which sets out the provision which should be available in their area for children and young people (from 0-25 years) who have SEND. You can find out more about Lincolnshire’s Local Offer on 


At Sutton St James C.P School the Governors oversee and evaluate the effectiveness of what the SENCo's implementWe have two Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator's (SENCo's) at Sutton St James C.P School: Mrs Melissa Bancroft-Turner and Miss Charlotte Moulis. 


Mrs Bancroft-Turner co-ordinates (EYFS and KS1) Wrens and Swallows classes. 


Miss Moulis co-ordinates (KS2) Owls and Herons classes.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with us to discuss any SEN matters.







What does being in the SEN(Special Educational Needs) register mean for my child?


This means that as a school we are highlighting that at the current time (and following a period of support and observation in class) your child is having difficulties in one or more of these areas:

  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Communication and interaction
  • Physical need

Being on the SEN register means that your child will have a set of specific and achievable targets related to their area/s of need. These are officially refreshed three times a year and you will have a copy of them each time so that you can see what their targets are and support at home, if you are able to. In our school, these documents are called IEPs (individual education plans).

Being placed on the SEN register does not necessarily mean that they will remain on it for the rest of their schooling. It may be that currently we have concerns but this resolves over time with appropriate and focused support. Nor does it mean anything to their bigger life picture – this is not a label for them.

The school is awarded a small amount of money each year from the government to support the extra resources and adaptations your child needs. This also allows the school to better cater for your child’s needs. It does not mean we can solve all problems, but we can support your child more effectively.

The school has to input the number of children and their areas of need for the government, which means that they are better able to allocate funding to schools as they have a clearer picture of the needs schools (and their pupils) have.

In real terms for us leading the education of your child, being on the SEN register acknowledges that your child needs a different approach, and their needs may differ from those of other children. It also means we can access resources for your child, and, should we need to, we can seek external advice/support for you child.  Speaking as class teachers and SENCos, the SEN register opens doors to greater support; it is most certainly not something negative, it shows a deeper understanding of your child by your child’s school.

SEND Policy and Information Report

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school every day ready for PE lessons. Thank you