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Fantastically Fun Learning!

This term has been heavily influenced by the historical events of WWII. The children have learnt a lot of information including: what life would have been like as an evacuee, how rationing was introduced and sustained, how important women’s roles were, as well as what caused WWII to both start and finish. From the very first lesson, each child was gripped by this extraordinary time, showing a genuine interest in each fact that was discovered.


Science has been entirely about the world of electricity. As you can see from the picture, the children have had a fantastic time making circuits and experimenting with different investigations. Using a cell (battery), the children have been leading tests with electrical conductors and insulators. They have been using wires to transfer power to a range of lightbulbs, motors and buzzers. Plenty of hands-on practical work!


The children have been working incredibly hard in both numeracy and literacy lessons. They have learnt many news skills and techniques they’ll take with them into next term. In our literacy lessons, there has been a strong focus on sentence structure and how this can be varied to produce creative writing. The stimulus for this writing has been heavily influenced by the book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ which follows the story of an evacuee - a boy named Lenny – being taken in by Lady De Vass. In our numeracy lessons, place value has been our overarching theme. Before children get stuck into the world of fractions, co-ordinates and shape, they need to build a concrete understanding on the value of a digit in a given number; something which they’ve done beautifully.

We have had a considerable amount of fun learning our times tables on a Friday. It’s amazing how a little ‘song n dance’ during lesson time can have a significant impact on our children’s recall of times tables.

During music lessons this term, we have been creating our very own music which represents the world we live in.




We were extremely lucky to visit Tim Peake’s spacecraft at Peterborough Cathedral. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was an amazing chance to learn all sorts of incredible information about this amazing man’s expedition.




Whilst in Peterborough, we were able to take full advantage of our time there by visiting an Islamic Mosque. It is here where the children learnt about Islamic culture and their different way of life.



Take a look at what Herons will be covering this term.

Christmas Fair - Friday 7th December, 6-8pm.