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Welcome to Swallows!


We hope you enjoy reading about some of our favourite lessons and activities both in and out of school.


Check out some photos of our activities by clicking the gallery links.

Academic Year 2019-20

During the Easter holidays we will not be setting Learning Packs for the children as it is important for them to have a break from education. However, Mr Quant has created an exciting list of 50 activities that you could try at home if you run out of things to do. These are not compulsory - you do not have to do them, but it may be fun to try some if you get bored over the holiday! Remember to stay at home and stay safe! 

Easter Fun Activities List

Learning Packs

Please find below learning packs for children in Swallows Class for the school closure period.

Please work through the packs in order. A new one will be added at the start of each week. If for any reason the pack cannot be edited or filled in on a computer (by adding text boxes) please write out onto paper and date your work.


For any questions please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Quant at:

Learning Pack - Year 1, Week 2

Learning Pack - Year 2, Week 2

Learning Pack - Year 1, Week 1

Learning Pack - Year 2, Week 1

Friday 3rd of April 2020 - Spelling Shed Hive Game!


Today we will be hosting two hive games to practise your spellings.


At 1:00pm the first code will be posted here and after the first game is complete a second code will be posted here. Check back soon, who will get to the top of the charts today?


Remember go to:


CODE 1: (Medium game) 500289

Play starts at 1:10pm


Well done all who played along!!


CODE 2: (Extreme game!) 576042

Play starts at 1:20pm


WOW! Well done to all that took part today, I'm very proud of your efforts. Thank you for also continuing to practise at home, I can see that many of you have been practising and it makes me very happy to see.


Check back on the Facebook page soon where we will announce when the next hive game will be happening.


Thank you for playing,


Mr. Quant :)

How to join a hive game


To join a hive game first g to:


Once logged in click on the 3 lines in the top left.


Then click on JOIN HIVE GAME and enter the code that you are given on the class website.


Hope to see you there, Mr. Quant

Bonus Challenge


Today your bonus challenge is something you can do to help your family.


As part of maths you need to be able to categorise and organise objects, grouping them by their features.


So your challenge today is to choose a room in your house (probably your bedroom) and tidy objects into group, you must have at least 3 different groups. You could group your teddies into different sizes, organise your books into fiction, non-fiction and poetry or group your LOL by the colour of their hair.


You can choose any objects you have and any groups you can think of to organise your room, take a picture once it is neat and tidy. 


Stay tidy!

Mr. Quant smiley

Week 1 

You have completed day 1 of home learning! I am very proud of your efforts to continue learning, well done to everyone who has logged into bug club and spelling/maths shed. 


Remember if you get stuck you can message me at


You are also free to boost the home learning packs with activities of your own, I will be posting daily challenges and websites/activities that you can use to add to your home learning.


Stay safe everyone,

Mr. Quant laugh

Working from home

Here are some handy links for you to support your child's learning at home.


We use these links in class and the children should be familiar with the login and layout of the activities.


Bug club.

For online reading and comprehension, grammar rules and phonics games go to:

Username (example): joe.bloggs

Password: password

School code: tprq


Spelling and Maths shed.

For practise of weekly spellings and mental maths including multiplication go to:

Username(example): joebloggs

Password: password



Classroom Secrets.

For a selection of games involving maths, spelling and grammar and phonics go to:

Username for all: 53630swallows

Password: password


Please use these links as often as possible.




Joe Wicks will be on youtube every morning at 9am for a fun half hour of fitness.

Start your day the right way, keep active and stay healthy.


Click the link below to go straight to his page:


Term 3 - Incredible Investigators

This term we have been investigating.


This has included investigating our bodies and the choices that we can make to keep them healthy.


We have been investigating the world and thinking about famous explorers.


Closer to home we have been investigating what plants need to grow and planting our very own seeds.


Healthy Choices

As part of our topic this term we have been investigating the healthy choices that we can make and the effect that these choices may have on our bodies.


We were very fortunate to received a visit from a healthy eating specialist. He worked with the children to discuss and explore the many choices we could make on terms of healthy foods and exercise.


The children enjoyed learning lots of different exercises that they can practise at school and at home.


Watch one of our exercises below!

Fitness Fun

Still image for this video

Will it grow?


This term we asked the question 'Will it grow?'


We have previously thought about what plants need to grow and this term we have been experimenting. We took away either one or two things that we know plants need to gro.


Some were planted with no soil and placed in the window...


...while others were planted with no soil AND placed in a dark place.


We then predicted whether the plants would grow.


Each week we came back to check if there had been any changes to the seeds.


Ask your child if they spotted any changes? What did they notice?


Was your prediction correct?

Hand Washing!


As part of our investigations this term we wanted to see how easily germs could be spread...especially when you don't wash your hands properly!


Using glitter to represent a sneeze, it was very clear that germs were spread very quickly all over the classroom!


Luckily Swallows were very keen to create their own set of instructions to make it clear exactly how and when to wash your hands.


You may spot these instructions around the school to remind you.



Below are 5 pictures from our hand washing activity.

Can you match them to the instruction and then put them in the correct order?




First, turn on the tap and wet your hands.


Finally, dry your hands and put the paper towel in the bin. 


Then, rub your soapy hands together.


Next, add soap to your wet hands.


After that, rinse off all of the soap using that water.

These are just a few of the things that we have investigated this term. We will continue to investigate many parts of the world including their animals and climates, explorers and religions.


What will you discover next?

Take a peek at the treats in store for Swallows in Term 3 & 4!

Term 2 - There's no place like home


Swallows have had a fantastic term 2 this year leading all the way to Christmas.


Fun at the farm

We began our term with a trip to Rand Farm. Swallows were able to experience life on a farm and following our series of Science lessons all about different types of animals, what they need to survive and the offspring that animals may have, they were able to recall many facts based on their lessons, bringing this knowledge with them. Swallows had a lovely time feeding a wide range of animals by hand, something that many children had never experienced. They also held baby chicks and went on a very bumpy tractor ride!

Sporty Swallows

This term we have been very fortunate to have been able to join in not one but two sports competitions. Children from swallows were chosen to represent the school in both a throwing and catching competition and a New Age Kurling competition, just like the Olympic sport – minus the ice!





The children had lots of fun and tried their best at these competitions, well done all that have attended.

Flat Stan First Aid

This term the children have been learning a new and important skill: basic first aid.


The whole school was eager to get hands-on with Flat Stan, a special doll designed to let children of all ages learn the fundamentals of what to do should anyone be injured around them. We hope that this knowledge will stick with the children and that they are confident in an emergency which could happen around any one of us, hopefully they will not need to use these skills but their awareness is a good step for them to have. Great job Swallows.

Christmas cracker!

As we lead up to Christmas the children have managed to do so many activities to enrich their learning this year.

Many parents were involved in our enterprise day, creating some excellent games for the Christmas Fair. Thank you to all that have supported this, the children in Swallows are always so happy when their parents come in to see what they are learning and to help in school.

Without rest Swallows were then, with the joint efforts of Wrens, preparing for this years’ annual nativity. This year our nativity was about a star that would lead the way to a special stable in Bethlehem, but she had lost her shine! With the help of Wrens and Swallows the story of how the star got her shine back was told. Through lots of lines remembered, actions and songs the star was able to lead the way to Bethlehem. A big thank you and well done to all of Swallows and Wrens for their hard work in remembering all of their lines, movements and songs, I’m sure the parents would agree that we were exceptional.

Shine, Star Shine!

All you have to shine.



From Swallows to you all – have a very merry and safe Christmas. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Remember how fortunate we are and show your family how much you care this Christmas.


Well done on another amazing term, keep up the great work everyone.

Term 1 - There's no place like home!

Welcome Back!

Swallows have had an amazing first term back at school.


We have been focussing on forming friendships and making the kindest choices we can, thinking about what makes a good friend and what we can do to be kind.


What has been your favourite lesson so far?

A change in seasons

This term we have been looking at the world around us. We have been thinking about the different trees that we can see, classifying them as deciduous or evergreen as well as using magnifying glasses to look closely at the similarities and differences in leaves.


We have also noticed some of the changes that have already happened as the season changes.


Watch below to see some of our observations.

Science, classifying trees

Still image for this video

DT Day!


Swallows have had great fun using their DT skills to plan and create a boat. Their challenge was to use a single piece of paper to make a boat that would hold the most cubes.


Children began by planning their creations, then making a first draft of their boat. This was then tested to see how many cubes it held and finally we tried to make our boats better based on the first try.


In Swallows some boats held nearly one hundred cubes!


You are invited!

Swallows have been working hard to create invitations for all parents, giving you all the information you need to attend our harvest celebration. Take a look at some of our invitations below, we hope to see you there.






























Be Safe, Be Seen!


As the evening begin to get darker mush sooner please remember to keep safe by the roads.


We have a poppy sale in school that will sell reflectors to put on your coats and bags.


We have also been discussing the safety needs around bonfires as we come closer to bonfire night.


Take a look at what we are learning all about this term! (Term 1 & 2)

Academic Year 2018-19

Term 6 - Me, Myself and I


This term the children in Swallows have been thinking about what makes us all special and unique. In our PSHE lessons we have had discussions about friendship, what friendship means and how we can be a good friend.


We have also applied our focus on ourselves to our

Art lessons. We have been making our own faces using clay. Have a look at some of the results in our gallery below.

Our Aspirations


As part of our topic this term we have also been thinking about what we could do when we are older. Thinking about the wider world and the opportunities that are available to use, the children came up with many great ideas for jobs that they could do when they grow up. Have a look at our amazing writing wall for this term. You may spot your work on the wall near Heron's class as an example for everyone to see.


What would you like to be when you are older?

Summer is here!


Finally have a very safe and happy Summer holiday.



I look forward to hearing about all of the wonderful things you may have done in the holidays and thank you again for any end or term gifts that were given. I had a great time at Belton House having afternoon tea!


Make time for family and friend and have a great break, you've earned it for al of your hard work this year!

Term 5 - Growing Strong


This term Swallows have been thinking about what we need to survive. This has lead to some great discussion and investigation in Science. We have been thinking back to classifying different animals too.


This lead to a great visit from ZooLab who brought us some examples of strange and wonderful creatures for us to see and hold. Look at the gallery link below to see our reactions!


We got to see giant African land snails, Tarantulas, Rats, Frogs and one of the largest Gheckos in the world.

Sporty Swallows

This term Year 2's joined forces with children from year 3, 4 and 5 to create a whole school team for a new sport that we have been learning.


Danish Long Ball is a mix of the strategies needed in cricket and rounders and requires us to work well together to score point. A big well done to the children in year 2 who worked well with year 3 to come 4th overall in our inter school competition.

Mini Gardeners 🌻

This term Swallows have started to plant

and look after their own set of Sunflowers.


We have worked hard to plant seeds into pots and each day we choose someone new to water our flowers.


Some of the plants have already started to grow! Ask your child how their flower has grown so far.


Fingers crossed that across term 6 the flowers will continue to grow and bloom.

Religious Buildings

This term we have been thinking about different religious buildings.


This has included thinking about what you might see at different religious buildings. This has lead us to create our own versions of stained glass windows. Have a look at our classroom windows to see the windows that we have made.


Can you spot and stained glass windows in the church in Sutton St James?

Term 4 - Spring has sprung


This term Swallows have been thinking about the changes that they can see all around them. Through more outdoors based learning we have been noticing the changes that Spring has brought.


This has lead on to some great discussion in Science around animals. We have been thinking about what animals need to survive, where they live as well as matching animals to the names of their babies.


Can you remember what a baby cow is called? 


All this talk of animals gave us lots of information we needed to make the most of our trip to Sacrewell Farm. We were very lucky to be able to see Lambs being fed by bottle and see many animals we had previously discussed. Some of the animals had even just had babies too!


Click on the link below to see a gallery of some of the animals we saw.


We had great fun seeing all sorts of animals on our journey with many children saying that they had seen an animal that they had never seen before!


Within this term we have been focussing on developing the skills that we already have.


In maths this developing of skills has lead to some fantastic results in our mental maths practise; with many children now able to quickly solve mental addition and subtraction as well as a continuing improvement in the recall of multiplication facts.


In our reading sessions we have been developing our understanding of texts. We have been focussing on small chunks of stories, reading them as a class and answering questions all together to find the information we need in the text.


Bug ClubYou can practise this too using Bug Club. There is a wide library of books available for you to read for free at home. Click on the link below and ask your child to log in. Each book also includes questions to ensure that your child is understanding what they are reading and can find information in the text.


These reads also count towards the cinema. Just write a note in your reading records to say that a book on Bug Club has been read.

Dinosaur Club

Check out the moment we found a Tyrannosaurus Rex at dinosaur club!

Still image for this video

Term 3 – All Around the World.


Animal Art

This term Swallows have been thinking about different parts of the world. In Art we have been creating beautiful pictures based on different styles of art from Africa and Australia with a close link to our Science topic of animals. Here you can see some of our creations using different methods and materials such as blending chalks and Aboriginal style painting using just dots.





Amazing Archery

The year 2’s this term have had the privilege to be involved in an archery enrichment activity. They used bows and arrows to try and hit a target. They found it quite tricky to begin with but after a while some of them were hitting a bullseye! A special well done to those children that were also chosen to represent our Sutton St James in an interschool competition.



Literacy on Location

This term Swallows have been focussing on different stories with settings around the world. We began with the story of Handa’s surprise and the animals that can be found in Africa. We then thought about the story of the Great Explorer. We then planned and wrote diary entries, thinking about the emotions that the character was feeling when they were lost in the North Pole. Finally, we focussed on the story of Dan the Deep Sea Explorer, we really focussed on the detail of what we could see from our submarine window, writing some beautiful descriptive pieces.


Fruit Tasting

This term we have also been thinking about where different foods come from and have tasted some more exotic fruits that not all children had experienced before. All children tasted every fruit and were able to give their opinions of the taste of the fruit. We had some especially strong opinions on the taste of the lemons!


Animal Actions

Swallows have been working hard this term on their dance abilities. We have been thinking about how we can move differently to different types of music, this linked closely to our story of Handa’s Surprise.


Watch our final dance below. Can you guess which animals we are moving like?

Handa's Surprise Dance

Still image for this video

Take a look at what Swallows will be learning about this term!

Term 2 - Explorers


This term Swallows have been exploring the world around them. We have been working hard this term to find features of our local area as well as our wider local area.


We have been learning how to read maps, using grid co-ordinates

to find different areas. This culminated to our trip to The Walks in Kings Lynn where we followed a treasure map; trying to locate the hidden treasure. Thankfully we read the map very carefully and followed the trail to the 'X' at the end which lead to a treasure chest full of chocolate coins! Along the way we spotted lots of new and interesting landmarks such as handmade bird boxes and a variety of statues.


Swallows also took some special bird food to feed the ducks and 

they all got to experience the local environment, appreciating some of the wondrous things around us.


Sports Enrichment

This term Swallows have been very lucky to have been offered another sporting enrichment activity. This time we have been involved in a throwing and catching inter-school competition. All children in Swallows were given an extra morning of sporting activities; practising their throwing and catching skills and some children were then chosen to represent the school. This is the second sporting enrichment activity Swallows have been involved with this year and they have all expressed how much they have enjoyed working with each other so we hope to continue this trend by giving them many more enrichment activities throughout the year.


A Magical Christmas Journey

This year Swallows and Wrens performed the Magical Christmas Journey. We practiced hard to remember lots of our lines as well as many different songs and throughout three performances to others we did a great job performing to our family and friends; speaking clearly and singing with great enthusiasm. Well done all of Swallows and Wrens for your hard work.


Click below to hear some of our favourite songs from our nativity this year. Play to your children to see if they can remember the words!

Christmas, there's lots to get done

Follow the star

The perfect Christmas tree

Fantastic Festivities


Swallows have had great fun during the festive period. First they were inspired by our Halloween day. We dressed in our favourite Halloween costume and produced some lovely work based on our character.


If you visit Swallows this term have a look at out Festive Frights display in the corridor to see some of our Halloween based artwork and some excellent writing in which we described what we were dressed as.


Well done for having a fun and safe Halloween night.

Term 1 - Safety in Swallows


Swallows have had a great start to the year. Our work has been influenced by the famous story of the Great Fire of London and we have been learning lots of facts and the children have been eager to share these facts with each other,


Our topic has also lead to some great learning about fire safety. We have been using role play and drama to act out the procedure for a fire in school, reaffirming what our safety procedure is in school. This then lead to some great poster designs with clear rules to remind others around school what to do. They thoroughly enjoyed being 'mini-teachers' and acting out a fire drill.




This work then culminated in our trip to Spalding fire station where children extended their fire safety knowledge to know what to do should a fire occur in the home. We learned about some of the equipment that firefighters may use to help us and got to experience the inside of a fire engine.






Our topic has been linked heavily to our Literacy lessons with the children producing some lovely pieces of writing based around fire; ranging from instructions for what to do in school in the case of a fire to writing a diary entry in the style of Samuel Pepys; using our senses to say what we may have experienced if we were at the Great fire of London.





In Maths we have been working on our knowledge of number this term, working hard to thoroughly understand the concepts we have been given. We have been focusing on our addition and subtraction skills, representing these in different ways. We have also begun to multiply, using objects practically and some mental methods to solve multiplication problems. These skills are essential and will continue throughout school and we have already seen an improvement in our weekly mental maths practises.




This term the children have also been amazed at many of the science experiments we have conducted. Here you can see we have been testing the absorbency of different materials.






Well done for a great first term Swallows. Have a relaxing and safe half term.


Take a look at what Swallows will be covering this term.

Stay safe and take care! Do not hesitate to contact us if we can support you in any way.