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Photo Diary

Welcome to our photo library.


If you would like a photo of an activity you have completed at home to appear here for you friends to see please e-mail it to:


I look forward to seeing what you have been doing at home.

Mr. Quant smiley


Pirate Map!


Alisha has been working hard to create an old pirate map!


Super work Alisha.

Reggie and Jack's Efforts


Reggie and Jack have been busy creating. They have worked hard to make a bench and hope to donate it for others to use! Amazing work!











Read more here:

Spooky Spider Cookies!

To go with our spider themed story, your task was to create some spider cookies.





Evie's look delicious!

Tasty Owls on toast


Check out the delicious owls on toast that Eveie-Jane and Eliza have made!!

Perfect Poetry

Check out Chloe's poem all about flowers, Great work Chloe. smiley


Rebecca's Bug Hunt


Rebecca has been busy outdoors learning about lots of insects in her garden, she even found a cocoon.


I wonder what will came out of it?


Sparkly Symbol
Chloe has been working hard to make her very own Ramadan Decoration!

Well done!

Owl On Toast!


Cack out the Owl on Toast that Edward has been busy creating.


YUMMY! Great choice of toppings.

Ramadan Rainbow


Have a look at the beautiful Ramadan symbol that Alisha has made this work.

Great job!

Summer Poetry


Alesha has felt very proud of her writing this week and she has completed a poem each day.

Here is her acrostic poem based on the word SUMMER.

Chloe's egg hunt!

Chloe has made her very own binoculars to help her on her hunt for some Easter eggs in the garden!


Lovely job Chloe :)


Eveie and Eliza's amazing activities!

Eveie-Jane and Eliza have been busy over the past few weeks with lots of different activities. Look through the photos to see just a few including:

  • Puzzles
  • Cooking (YUMMY!)
  • Sewing
  • Road Safety

Keep up this great work you two, I'm very proud of you!



Alisha's Easter Creations


Check out the amazing creations that Alisha has been busy making ready for Easter.


They include painted eggs, an Easter tree and some yummy chocolate nest cakes!


Amazing creation Alisha!

Alisha's Easter Creations!

Alesha's Mud Cake!


Alesha has ben busy in her garden creating a magical mud cake using ingredients from the ground!














Super Work!

Evie's porthole creation

I am very proud of Evie's efforts to complete her space porthole! Super work.

What would you see if you looked out of a spaceship window?

Mini Assembly


Congratulations to Alesha this week. Through her hard work at home her family held a mini assembly to celebrate all that she has achieved. Keep up the great work!


Edward's stained glass window

This week for RE Edward has created a stained class window which he has proudly put upon his own window. What colours can you see?

Rebecca's chocolate nest cakes

Rebecca has been busy creating her very own easter nest cakes!










They look delicious! Great job!

Edward's DT Rocket



This week Edward has had great fun using his art and DT skills to make a 3D rocket. I love the flames coming out of the bottom!


Great job Edward!


What will you make while you are learning at home?

Stay safe and take care! Do not hesitate to contact us if we can support you in any way.