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Welcome to Swallows!


We hope you enjoy reading about some of our favourite lessons and activities both inane out of school.


Check out some photos of our activities by clicking the gallery link below.

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Term 2 - Explorers


This term Swallows have been exploring the world around them. We have been working hard this term to find features of our local area as well as our wider local area.


We have been learning how to read maps, using grid co-ordinates

to find different areas. This culminated to our trip to The Walks in Kings Lynn where we followed a treasure map; trying to locate the hidden treasure. Thankfully we read the map very carefully and followed the trail to the 'X' at the end which lead to a treasure chest full of chocolate coins! Along the way we spotted lots of new and interesting landmarks such as handmade bird boxes and a variety of statues.


Swallows also took some special bird food to feed the ducks and 

they all got to experience the local environment, appreciating some of the wondrous things around us.


Sports Enrichment

This term Swallows have been very lucky to have been offered another sporting enrichment activity. This time we have been involved in a throwing and catching inter-school competition. All children in Swallows were given an extra morning of sporting activities; practising their throwing and catching skills and some children were then chosen to represent the school. This is the second sporting enrichment activity Swallows have been involved with this year and they have all expressed how much they have enjoyed working with each other so we hope to continue this trend by giving them many more enrichment activities throughout the year.


A Magical Christmas Journey

This year Swallows and Wrens performed the Magical Christmas Journey. We practiced hard to remember lots of our lines as well as many different songs and throughout three performances to others we did a great job performing to our family and friends; speaking clearly and singing with great enthusiasm. Well done all of Swallows and Wrens for your hard work.


Click below to hear some of our favourite songs from our nativity this year. Play to your children to see if they can remember the words!

Christmas, there's lots to get done

Follow the star

The perfect Christmas tree

Fantastic Festivities


Swallows have had great fun during the festive period. First they were inspired by our Halloween day. We dressed in our favourite Halloween costume and produced some lovely work based on our character.


If you visit Swallows this term have a look at out Festive Frights display in the corridor to see some of our Halloween based artwork and some excellent writing in which we described what we were dressed as.


Well done for having a fun and safe Halloween night.

Term 1 - Safety in Swallows


Swallows have had a great start to the year. Our work has been influenced by the famous story of the Great Fire of London and we have been learning lots of facts and the children have been eager to share these facts with each other,


Our topic has also lead to some great learning about fire safety. We have been using role play and drama to act out the procedure for a fire in school, reaffirming what our safety procedure is in school. This then lead to some great poster designs with clear rules to remind others around school what to do. They thoroughly enjoyed being 'mini-teachers' and acting out a fire drill.




This work then culminated in our trip to Spalding fire station where children extended their fire safety knowledge to know what to do should a fire occur in the home. We learned about some of the equipment that firefighters may use to help us and got to experience the inside of a fire engine.






Our topic has been linked heavily to our Literacy lessons with the children producing some lovely pieces of writing based around fire; ranging from instructions for what to do in school in the case of a fire to writing a diary entry in the style of Samuel Pepys; using our senses to say what we may have experienced if we were at the Great fire of London.





In Maths we have been working on our knowledge of number this term, working hard to thoroughly understand the concepts we have been given. We have been focusing on our addition and subtraction skills, representing these in different ways. We have also begun to multiply, using objects practically and some mental methods to solve multiplication problems. These skills are essential and will continue throughout school and we have already seen an improvement in our weekly mental maths practises.




This term the children have also been amazed at many of the science experiments we have conducted. Here you can see we have been testing the absorbency of different materials.






Well done for a great first term Swallows. Have a relaxing and safe half term.


Take a look at what Swallows will be covering this term.

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